At Community Fitness Events, We Don’t
Just Have Your Digital Press On Our Minds.

We offer a wide array of professional printing services that can help you create effective and attractive posters, signs, apparel, and more. Want a nifty keychain included in your swag bag for runners? We can do that! Want a flyer that makes your event look snazzy and like a can’t-miss? We got your back. We can offer design, ordering, manufacturing and delivery support on any printing needs you have, from a branded t-shirt to a simple yard sign or postcard. Our website makes it easy to both get a great deal and have professional support as you promote your event with flyers, posters, signs, merch and more!

Posters & Flyers

If You Are Looking To Promote Your Event, Posters And Flyers Are An Inexpensive Way To Get The Message Out.

Spreading the word about your event should be fun and easy! Our design team can help you create strong copy, sweet logos and top-to-bottom professional looks for your poster or flyer. Even in a tech-savvy world, having posters and flyers is crucial to promoting your event. It’s how you’ll reach the community you’re after and we help streamline the process. Rather than spend time you don’t have pulling your hair out over the painstaking creation of posters on your computer, let us handle the nitty-gritty of placement, logos, pictures, text and more. Even better, we offer a special package for posters/flyers that make this service a no-brainer!

Event Signage

Professionally Printed Signs, Banners, Tents
And More Will Put Your Event A Cut-Above.

At Community Fitness Events, we care about making sure you are on the technological cutting edge with services that create mobile and tablet friendly content for your event. With our help, you’ll have a chance to reach customers who use their smart phone or small device—registrants can sign up on the go. We’ve all been in the boat of frustration with wonky coding that makes it hard or impossible to sign up without a computer—no more! Potential clients can easily and quickly sign up on their phone or tablet with our modern tech specifications for your page.

Apparel & Merchandise

We Create State Of The Art T-shirts
And Other Merchandise That Participants
Will Actually Want To Buy, Keep, and Wear.

The days of a baggy white T-shirt that fits no one with a slew of gimmicky logos on the back are over!

Creating stylish, good-looking T-shirts isn’t just fun and revenue-boosting—more than ever it’s a necessity for a successful fitness event. Participants expect some sort of swag, so why not make your apparel or merchandise the most affordable and fashionable they can be? Beyond the day of the event, your merchandise can help promote what you do for long after as people wear or use your items. Ensure that your merchandise goes that extra mile by working with us to get quality, stylish gear.

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