Creating A Beautiful And Useful Registration Page Is Essential To Getting Your Fitness Event Off The Ground.

Event Directors have enough on their plate, so they love how easy we make it to instantly promote their event across channels. Not only that, but we work at integrating your sponsor promotion into your custom event page so they benefit as well.

Beautiful Registration Pages

Our Design Team Is Ready To Help You Create The Best Possible Visuals And Styles For Your Registration Page

Like an attractive spokesmodel or cool window storefront, your registration page aesthetic can make a big difference in getting the attention of your potential participants.

Whether it’s including gorgeous photos of your location, designing a cool color scheme or even picking a perfect front, we’ve got your back.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

At Community Fitness Events, We Care About Making Sure Your Are On The Technological Cutting Edge With Services That Create Mobile And Tablet Friendly Content For Your Event.

With our help, you’ll have a chance to reach customers who use their smart phone or small device—registrants can sign up on the go. We’ve all been in the boat of frustration with wonky coding that makes it hard or impossible to sign up without a computer—no more! Potential clients can easily and quickly sign up on their phone or tablet with our modern tech specifications for your page.

Information Collection At Your Fingertips

Another service we offer is custom information collection. We can create contact lists and databases in a snap and give you essential analytic feedback on who is visiting your page and why. With our help, you can keep track of your clients more easily than ever before.

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